About Us

A Holistic Company

There is no better makeup than confidence!

  • A brand made by women but not limited to women.
  • SkinCue was started to assist people to start believing in themselves and by understanding that true beauty starts from within.
  • We believe that everyone can be successful in life as long as they are given an opportunity to work with.
  • SkinCue has aimed to helping women and children that are underprivileged by starting schools and projects to help in poor areas.
  • We believe in Loving yourself as God created you.
  • We believe in ensuring that every person that comes into contact with SkinCue must feel special and important.
  • Only by helping someone else can one truly succeed in life.

Attitude is the best Attire

Ultimately, how you treat yourself determines everything!

When one starts to love them self, something changes from within. A new confidence, a new happiness and new peace grows in you. The beauty from within starts to shine to the world.

Only when you love yourself will you truly know how to treat and love others. Start now and see how far you can go in life.

Wake up and Make up...feels good!

Happiness is new cosmetics on your dressing table..!

Knowing that there is a brand you can trust in to take care of your skin is very important. Knowing that you can earn though spreading the word of the brand you love is priceless!

Earn from what you love.

What We Do

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Who We Are

SkinCue is a Direct Sales company. We have a range of skin care products and cosmetics. SkinCue was started in South Africa to help people grow as they sell the product and earn money. SkinCue believes if people have an opportunity there are high chances of success. With constant support and training only you can stop yourself.

  • makeup reveals who you are
  • love the confidence it brings
  • there is no cosmetic like happiness
  • eat healthy
  • cosmetic changes are skin deep!
  • beauty is more than cosmetics
  • live a joyous life