Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to makeup!

Nothing is more attractive as a pretty face. Most women try and enhance their beauty with makeup. There is nothing wrong with that until you do it wrong. Lets look at some mistakes done when doing by women trying to enhance their beauty. 

The biggest mistake one should never do, is never put make up on bad skin. Take time to care for your skin, piling foundation on bad skin can clog the pores and cause more problems to the skin. Most of the time, a problem face does not look attractive under layers of foundation.

Next issue is eyebrows that meet in the middle (unibrow). When penciling try and give space of about two fingers between the brows.

Don’t over weigh your eyes with extra long eyelashes it covers your eyes. Your eyes will appear as if they are closed. 

Finally choose the right foundation colour for your skin tone.

These are a few things that can mess up your look.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your views on makeup Don’ts and remember to take care of your skin to have a great finished look.

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