Sensitive Skins need Patch Test

Everyone has different DNA. That means no-one has the exact same skin type. Over the years they identified that there are three different skin categories. Read through the categories and identify you skin type.

How does one identify if they have a sensitive skin. Sensitive skins normally react to perfumes, SPF and a lot more including scrubs. When one has a sensitive skin it is advisable to patch test any product before you use it on the face. A patch test can be done in the inner arm or under the chin. Once a patch test is done check for redness or a rash, if any of the symptoms appear do not use the product for your face. 

SO WHY DOES SENSITIVE SKIN NEED A PATCH TEST?- So you wont end up with a rash on your face, take care of our face.

1.) Oily Skin- To check you skin, take your finger and run it on your face if you finger is oily then you are more likely to have oily skin other wise check your skin for a gloss that increases through the day. The build up of sebum that causes the oiliness of the skin can block your pores and cause acne. Best to use a forming wash and light moisturiser. 

2.) Combination Skin- Identified by the t-zone, combination skin is usually oily on the forehead and nose(t-zone) and dry on the rest of the face.

3.) Dry Skin- To identify dry skin check for flaking patches of skin mostly on the cheeks. You can also feel a tightness and itchiness at times. Dry skin lacks Sebum and lipids and causes the skin to flake. Use rich moisturisers and SPF products that will protect your skin from drying more, due to the wind and the sun and other external conditions like the cold.

4.) Normal Skin- Normal skin is a well balanced skin with minimal or no issues. This is the best skin type everyone is trying to achieve. So stay away for high oil products or those that will dry you skin badly. But in general nearly any product can work for you. 

SkinCue has products for all skin types… Let one of our Independent consultant help you try them and find one which is best suitable for your skin.

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